Babs Vorster
3 min readApr 16, 2020



Dearest Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit

Thank You for a wonderful morning, that I am alive and well. You are the great I am, wonderful Saviour and King.

1. I want to pray against the Coronavirus in South Africa

2. I beg of You that You will show mercy towards South Africa

3. I pray that You will send us a heatwave to kill the Coronavirus.

4. Oh my King, I pray that You will teach all South Africans to stay at home and to be responsible.

5. Help us not to get negative and depressed, but to rather look up to You for our help

6. Touch every heart in South Africa, so that we will all turn to You.

7. I pray for those that are ill at this moment.

8. Touch them with Your healing right hand my King and send us miracles.

9. Send Your angels to guard over Your children, especially the children and the elderly.

10. I pray that You will be in every room where someone has this virus and that You will comfort and heal them.

11. I pray for all the health workers and doctors, people that are placing their lives on the line to save the ill.

12. Protect them with special protection and help them not to get ill.

13. I pray for those that do not have an income, that You will provide for them in miraculous ways.

14. Let us, that do have an income, look at our purses and give with our hearts.

15. I beg of You that the impact of this virus on the economy will not be that bad.

16. I pray that You will provide so that the government will not extend this lockdown period.

17. People are going to die of hunger if the lockdown continues.

18. Oh Lord, have mercy on us in South Africa and send us miracles, please.

19. Open our hearts, minds and whole beings to care for others, and to help financially if it is possible.

20. Abba Father, please take up the sword against the Coronavirus and kill it in its tracks in the Name of Jesus.

21. Protect Your children and please anoint our homes with the blood of Jesus.

22. Help us to be like Nehemia in these times, to start to mend everything at our homes.

23. And help us then to start to help others, to build up South Africa, right there where we are.

24. Please anoint Your children in the Name of Jesus.

25. Please send us Your peace, which surpasses all understanding.

26. I speak healing, in the Name of Jesus, into every sick person.

27. Thank You that You are healing nature in this time of lockdown.

28. Thank You that You are always in control, especially when we feel that there is no control.

I ask everything in the mighty Name, blood, and Cross of Jesus. I love You very much!


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Matt 18:19 says: “Again, I (Jesus) tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven.”

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Be blessed!




Babs Vorster

My real name is Babs Geldenhuys. My dad had three daughters. His surname died with him. I am writing under my maiden name so that my dad’s surname will prevail!