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3 min readApr 26, 2020



Dearest Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit

Thank You so much for every drop of rain we had and that You care about me as a human being. You are the Lion of Judah who fights every fight for us.

1. I want to pray for fear, stress, and depression in South Africa today.

2. There are so many people that live in fear and panic.

3. They fear that they may contract the virus and die.

4. They fear and stress about how they are going to survive this ordeal.

5. Oh my, King, I beg of You to give every person in South Africa Your peace that surpasses all understanding.

6. Let us all be calm in You and know that You WILL provide for us all.

7. Let us in South Africa get on our knees to pray and to seek Your guidance and Your face.

8. I pray that You will comfort us all

9. Please don’t let fear, stress, and panic kill one of us Lord, because this happens in times of severe crisis.

10. Keep us all calm, keep us humble and let us only focus on You, and not the problems.

11. Help us so that our problems will become small and You, our God and Father, become big!

12. We are all going through different stages of depression because of the Coronavirus.

13. Help us all to focus on You and to never ever lose hope. Without hope, there is nothing left.

14. Please ward of suicides because of hopeless situations.

15. Supply in the basic need of every person in South Africa my King.

16. Your prayer said: give us today our daily bread.

17. Oh Lord, give hungry people their daily bread and manna from heaven.

18. Stretch food in houses that have only a little bit of food.

19. Renew our minds in You so that the depression would run away and we would survive this ordeal.

20. Oh Lord, remind people in South Africa to listen to music that can make them positive. Music can flow where not even blood can flow my King.

21. Instead of becoming depressed, let us clean houses, yards, and mend things to keep us busy.

22. I beg of You to shine Your light of love and hope into the hearts of every person in South Africa Abba Father.

24. Help ME to become Your light here in South Africa during this pandemic.

25. Help ME to help others through this trying time, even if I only send one message of hope to one person today.

26. Help us all to focus on the small things in life — a smile, a phone call to the lonely.

27. Thank You that You care about South Africa and its people and that You will never let go of us.

28. Thank you that You are our HOPE through this pandemic.

29. Thank You that You will carry us through and teach us valuable lessons.

30. Thank You that You will use our talents and ministries to Your advantage.

31. Thank You that I will not ask what others can do for me, BUT WHAT I CAN DO FOR OTHERS.

I ask everything in the mighty Name, blood, and Cross of Jesus. I love You very much!



Matt 18:19 says: “Again, I (Jesus) tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven.”

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Be blessed!




Babs Vorster

My real name is Babs Geldenhuys. My dad had three daughters. His surname died with him. I am writing under my maiden name so that my dad’s surname will prevail!