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3 min readApr 20, 2020



Dearest Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit

Thank You for a wonderful new day filled with promise. Thank You that You are always in control! You are my Alpha and Omega — my Beginning and my End!

1. I want to pray for relationships in South Africa.

2. It is a very challenging time for relationships in South Africa.

3. Some marriages were in trouble before lockdown started.

4. I want to beg You to move from house to house and to touch all married couples.

5. Open their eyes so that they will once again see and remember why they married each other in the first place.

6. I pray that You will touch every couple with Your tender love so that they can experience You in their marriage.

7. I pray that husband and wife would have peace with each other and with You.

8. Form bonds between couples that can never break.

9. Heal broken marriages and give them Your hope and love always.

10. Let them not look at each other’s mistakes, but rather look inward to their own mistakes.

11. Oh Lord, touch the heart of every married couple in South Africa so that they will turn to You.

12. Let them humble themselves before You, confess their sins and give over to You — forever.

13. I pray that families will start to pray together.

14. I pray that they will start to make time for You. Let them realize that You are the only solution, no matter what the problem.

15. I pray for families where there is abuse — sexual, emotional, bodily or even spiritually.

16. Please enfold those families with the blood of Jesus.

17. Oh Lord, protect the young and the weak and do not let them out of Your hands.

18. Let the perpetrators freeze and not be able to do anything.

19. Please stop any form of abuse in the Name of Jesus.

20. Follow every perpetrator until he/she gives their hearts to You.

21. Send legions of angels to protect the people who are calling upon Your Name.

22. Don’t let them out of Your sight Lord, but protect them always.

23. Oh Lord, give healing to families in this time of lockdown, not separation!

24. I beg of You to draw families closer to You, to tie bonds that cannot break.

25. Lion of Juda, please grab every family in the Name of Jesus. Never let them go until they have turned to You and serve You with all of their hearts.

26. Touch every family in South Africa with Your mighty right hand and never let go of them.

27. Thank You that You are giving families and couples time together.

28. Thank You that You are trying Your utmost best to give us time to become still before You.

29. I beg of You that You will open our eyes, ears, and mind to see this opportunity and to spend more time with You.

30. Thank You that You are going to touch people’s hearts and that only You will get the honor for that.

I ask everything in the mighty Name, blood, and Cross of Jesus. I love You very much!


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Matt 18:19 says: “Again, I (Jesus) tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven.”

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Be blessed!




Babs Vorster

My real name is Babs Geldenhuys. My dad had three daughters. His surname died with him. I am writing under my maiden name so that my dad’s surname will prevail!