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3 min readApr 17, 2020



Dearest Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit

Thank You for holding me close to Your heart! You are the best Father and Friend that I could ever ask for! I love You so much!

1. I want to pray for revival in South Africa during the lockdown period.

2. Oh Lord, I want to humble myself before You this morning.

3. I am such a big sinner, and I do not deserve Your grace at all.

4. Yet You died for my sins on the cross Jesus, pardoned all my sins! How will I ever be able to thank You for that?

5. Please cleanse me with the blood of Jesus.

6. I come and stand in the gap for my family and loved ones.

7. Please forgive their sins and cleanse them with the blood of Jesus.

8. Please have mercy on every person in South Africa.

9. Abba Father, please give us all in South Africa revival in this lockdown period.

10. Please move through South Africa Holy Spirit. Touch everyone so that we will humble ourselves before You, confess our sins and be forgiven.

11. I pray that You will sweep over South Africa, touching hearts everywhere.

12. I pray that people will have an urge to turn to You in these times.

13. Please don’t let any person go without them giving their hearts to You.

14. I bind every person in South Africa’s mind and heart to only listen to You Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit. (Matthew 18:18 Truly I tell you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.)

15. Let no one escapes You, but keep knocking on the door of our hearts until we surrender to You my King and Master.

16. Oh Lord, we desperately need survival in South Africa.

17. I pray that You will remove the hearts of stone and turn them into gospel hearts.

18. I pray that You will remove things that have bound us, and turn our hearts towards You.

19. I pray that You will open the eyes of every person so that we will have the urge to serve You with all our hearts.

20. Do not let the devil steal from us, but turn every heart unto You.

21. Please do not let anyone go astray Lord, but touch us all with Your gentle Holy Spirit.

22. Don’t be the Gentleman You are to give us a choice to serve You but grab every person in South Africa for Your kingdom.

23. I give You the Ownership of South Africa and every person residing in it.

24. Touch us and fill us with Your Holy Spirit so that we will become fishers of men!

25. Thank You that You will touch us in miraculous ways my King.

26. I yield (surrender) my whole life and being to You.

I ask everything in the mighty Name, blood, and Cross of Jesus. I love You very much!


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Matt 18:19 (NIV) says: “Again, I (Jesus) tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven.”

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Babs Vorster

My real name is Babs Geldenhuys. My dad had three daughters. His surname died with him. I am writing under my maiden name so that my dad’s surname will prevail!