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According to the Cambridge dictionary, a decree is an official statement that something must happen.

For example:

The decree stopped short of a full declaration of independence.

More than 200 people were freed by military decree.

A Christian decree would then be an official statement that something must happen in the spiritual realm.


Sometimes we pray a lot about one thing — maybe finances, a child that has gone astray, a difficult situation that does not seem to end. We keep on praying and crying about the same thing. But there has to come a point where faith must take over. There must come a point where we start to thank God for miracles that are going to happen.

It is important to do Christian decrees to strengthen our faith, to say to God this is it and you are giving over to Him. And it is to declare in the spiritual realm that things are going to happen because God will make them happen.

With a Christian decree, we speak something into somebody’s life that is not yet true. We see the person at the end of their journey here on earth, not as they are now! And then you declare the end of a person’s life as if is the truth.

Let us take a fictional example:

Johnny is 18 years old and hooked on marijuana. He is not doing good in life as general and seems like he wants to move over to the darker side. He does not want to know about Jesus, does not go to church and is very selfish. He cannot stay in a relationship and is very aggressive. Mom has been praying for a long time now, but there is no breakthrough. She quoted Scriptures and fasted, but nothing happens! Then she hears about Christian decrees and decides to do them. So here is the advice she follows:

What to do:

1. Get Scripture from the Bible for the person you are praying for. In this example, we use Matthew 7:7–8

7 “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. 8 For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.

2. Pray positive decree over your loved one. In our example, the mother does not see the child as 18, but as a mature adult nearing the end of his life! Then she starts to pray and speak positive decrees into him in the Name of Jesus.


Lord, I decree …

  • You knew Johnny even before the world came to be
  • You know him by his name and has counted all the hair on his head
  • He is Your child
  • Johnny stands before You, blameless because of the cross and mercy of Jesus
  • He is free from any drugs, alcohol or any other substances
  • He is a mighty worker for You
  • He is the head, not the tail
  • He is happily married and his wife is a child of God
  • He, his wife and children serve You with everything in them and are committed to You
  • Johnny has a great job and he is an amazing and trustworthy worker
  • Johnny’s mind is unblocked to hear from You.
  • Johnny has an understanding and kind heart and helps others where he can
  • He is unselfish
  • He knows the path You have planned for him and walks this path every day
  • He respects his father, mother, wife, children and all the people he meets because he knows that You care about them all.
  • He is very friendly and kind hearted and never aggressive.
  • Johnny is a brilliant man, with a stable life
  • Johnny goes to church every Sunday and serves You with all his heart
  • You are Johnny’s, first Love!
  • Johnny runs to You when he faces any difficulties and You give him wisdom, insight, and knowledge
  • Johnny is focused on You alone and that shows in his life, his work, his relationship with others and in the way he treats others
  • Johnny is the priest in his house, seeking Your advice for him, his wife and children all the time!

I decree everything in the Name, blood, and cross of Jesus and thank You for Your mercy!


There you have it in a nutshell. Decree things that are not — like they are. Decree things that are bad now, as if they are good. And have faith in your heart to trust and believe that God will make a difference! You can do nothing to change a person’s mind and heart. But God can!

And if nothing happens?

Continue the good work. In fact: make a specific date, for example, a Monday, and pray positive decrees over yourself, your husband, children, grandchildren, your mom and dad, other family members, your siblings, co-workers, boss, and difficult situations. Take only one person or situation on a Monday and pray the positive decree for that specific person or situation.

May God in all His wisdom, mercy and grace, lead you on this wonderful prayer path. May He reveal Himself to you more and more.

I decree over you:

  • You are steadfast in Your love for Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit
  • That you run to Father with your problems, and He sorts them out for you.
  • That only goodness, mercy and the power of God follow you every day of your life
  • You are the apple of God’s eye
  • Your finances, your health, your work, your family, your husband, children, and grandchildren are serving God with you.
  • You are all truly blessed in Christ Jesus our King and Saviour.

Be blessed in the Name of Jesus!




Babs Vorster

My real name is Babs Geldenhuys. My dad had three daughters. His surname died with him. I am writing under my maiden name so that my dad’s surname will prevail!